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Peter Havelock

Finance Transformation Director
IG Group

Jules Radford

VP, Finance Operations

Michael van der Steen

Director Global Process Order to Cash

Matt Evans

Global Process Owner P2P
Rolls Royce

Sam Hewitt

Transformation Director

Nathan Costley

Head of Transformation

Anne Hanninen

Finance Director

Philip Green


Fabio Di Pietro

Deputy CFO

Simon Edwards

CFO Predix
General Electric

Anna Thom

Global Head Finance Transformation Office

What is Future of Finance?

The days of finance merely acting as a cost-saving function are well behind us. Place yourself at the forefront of this change and Join us to discover what the Future of Finance looks like…

Finance leaders who are unable or unwilling to critically assess their people, processes and technology will ultimately fail to become truly valued strategic business partners.

You need all three pieces of the puzzle to design your finance function for the future. Technological enablers such as cloud computing, robotics, and analytics are enabling you to truly influence business-critical decisions. Re-engineering and redeploying your processes will give you the oversight to understand where changes need to be made to your operating model.

Developing the people around you to successfully harness these vast opportunities and to relay these findings to your business is essential to upskill and energise your workforce with the essential skills they will need in the future, today.

As we head towards 2020, next-level Finance Transformation takes on board the SSC transformation journey, whilst also forging ahead into newer areas, such as business intelligence, cognitive, and centres of excellence.

At Future of Finance Europe 2018 will ensure you meet like-minded finance professionals who are developing their functions to help drive not only bottom line savings, but also advanced insight and partnering.


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