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View the full 2019 Future of Finance and CFO Summit event guide

For the second year running, we will be returning to one of Britain’s most prestigious private members clubs, The Hurlingham Club.It's the perfect environment for you and your team to join us to learn about the newest innovations within finance, network with your peers and hear from intern ...

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Future of Finance & CFO Summit Snapshot Event Guide

Check out the Future of Finance and CFO snapshot agenda highlighting 2019's leading contributors, 3 days and 1 glamorous evening that you don't want to miss!

Future of Finance & CFO Summit Survey Report

In the run up to Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2019, SSON surveyed more that 130 finance professionals from across Europe to share their thoughts on the ultimate question: What is the Chief Financial Officer’s priority in the age of service standardisation, digitalisation and automation?

Key Strategies, Digital Enablers & Skills Prioritised | SSON Analytics

In the run up to the Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2019, SSON Analytics has blended proprietary and public data to find out more about the unprecedented pace of change within the Finance function. The report uncovers more on strategies of Finance leaders, digital enablers and how the role...

CFO Boardroom Only Agenda

Back by popular demand, the extended CFO Boardroom! This is strictly invitation only and reserved exclusively for up to 30 CFOs to discuss the topics at the top of your agenda alongside your peers in an intimate, exclusive setting.

5 Reasons you cannot wait any longer to add RPA to your Finance operations

A key driver for today's Finance leaders is the need to get more out of the workforce - and the ability to empower staff through technology has never been greater. RPA is such a hit precisely because it can automate a number of process steps otherwise carried out by humans,...

The Transformation Years

Transformation is about people. Then it's about process. And finally technology. We've asked 4 experienced practitioners - BBC, Tesco, DeFacto Giyim, Ultra Electronics - who have been through the battlefield to explain where they stand on the most important enablers for successful Finance Transformation.

How to truly lead Finance Transformation

SSON's Barbara Hodge recently spoke with a tried and tested SSO leader to get some insights on what is crucial to update in Finance functions in order to adapt and prepare for a new, digital age of commerce. In this easy-to-digest eBook discover Keith McEvoy, Shared Services Centre Director and...

RPA & AI Analysis: The Finance Function

While technology has been a driver of change in the finance industry, it has stopped short of disrupting it entirely. Aside from cryptocurrency companies – like Bitcoin – technological improvements have been incremental rather than radical. In this report we take a look at two of the major technological advances...

Interview with Julie Harbert, Royal Philips

Ahead of the Future of Finance Summit 2017, we speak to one of our speakers about one of the hottest subjects in #Finance - Talent Management: An interview with Julie Harbert, SVP, Head of Global Business Services & Shared Service Transformation at Royal Philips.

Building New Career Paths: The Emergence of the Global Business Services Professional

While most GBS organisations covet talent management capabilities, few know how to develop, deploy and sustain them. This paper describes how world-class GBS organisations manage talent more effectively than their peers. It also outlines several steps that GBS organisations can take to begin closing the talent-management gap by focusing on...

Finance Leadership 2020: HISTORIC Data is Out, PREDICITIVE Data is In

Discover what the future holds for Finance Leadership with contributors from Jaguar Land Rover, Inmarsat, Olswang and Vodafone. In today’s “new” world disruption is the norm: New business upstarts are, within a matter of months, creating major upheaval in industries that have remained the same for decades; robotic technology replaces...

Download The Sample Delegate List 2018

Download the current attendee list by completing the form below, to see who you will be able to meet during your time at the Summit. Check back often as this list will continue to grow!

The Art of Blockchain with Maersk's Head of Global Finance

DOWNLOAD AND DISCOVER:Details how Maersk uses blockchain in its marine insurance sector. Ensuring payments and processes are secure and documented.How to bring others on-board with blockchain, thus ensuring the chain will be effective.Says that blockchain is “potentially being more powerful than automation and RPA”

Finance Transformation Failure Playbook

DOWNLOAD AND DISCOVER:The 15 top causes of failure within finance functions – with tips on how to get around key roadblocks from industry experts.

Future of Finance Summit Post Show Report 2018

Future of Finance & CFO Summit saw a tremendous success on its 10th year delivering a hub for finance leaders to network and learn. The vibrant exchange of best practices, experiences and technologies across various organizations underscores the event’s significance as the premier platform for European finance leaders to have insightful...

Business Partnering & Leadership

RPA: A Finance Leader's Starter Pack

Download this free infographic to discover how RPA can revolutionise your financial processes. The infographic focuses on three main elements: Efficiency AutomationAccuracy The finance world is a hot industry that is constantly changing to keep up with the demands and trends expected from it. The next big step for you and your finance processes...

How are you going to lead finance to 2020 and beyond?

How are you going to lead finance to 2020 and beyond? What will it take to become a truly strategic partner?The Future of Finance and CFO Summit's Advisory Board predict 5 critical levers. Read on to find out what they are!

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Business Development Pack

Don't miss this chance to engage with progressive finance leaders who are looking to to transform their function’s output. The door has truly opened for next generation finance functions to step forward.What’s now urgently required is a shared and informed vision of the direction finance is taking – Future of...