19-21 February, 2018 | London, UK

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10 Finance Leadership Tips You Wont Get from an MBA

Ahead of the Finance Transformation Summit in February and in line with recent emerging trends, we have encompassed 10 Tips on how to maximize your capabilities and enable Finance Transformation in this easy to digest infographic -... Read More

RPA: A Finance Leader's Starter Pack

Download this free infographic to discover how RPA can revolutionise your financial processes. The infographic focuses on three main elements: Efficiency AutomationAccuracy The finance world is a hot industry that is constantly changing to keep up with the demands and trends expected from it. The next big step for you and your finance... Read More


How to leverage your influence with fewer humans in the process-chain?

For those leading Finance operations, it’s more important than ever to foster strategic relationships, connect personally with their teams, and leverage their significant insights for the benefit of the enterprise. Please read our top 10 tips infograhpic to help you with this... Read More


Interactive Discussion Groups Topics - Conference Day 1

Join your peers at our Interactive Discussion Groups on Day 1 and they will enable you to get your pressing questions answered.... Read More

Interactive Discussion Groups Topics - Conference Day 2

Join your peers at our Interactive Discussion Groups on Day 2 and they will enable you to get your pressing questions answered.... Read More


Future of Finance Summit 2017 Attendee List to date

Download the current attendee list by completing the form below, to see who you will be able to meet during your time at the Summit. Check back often as this list will continue to... Read More

9 Data and Analytics Trends that will Dominate Finance in 2017

Finance leaders are fast re-evaluating their teams' analytics skills and learning how to leverage these for the new era of data-driven decision-making. Examples include, continued growth, fast emerging COEs and more. Download this report: 9 data and analytics trends that will dominate finance in 2017 to help you with your Finance business strategy... Read More


Gaining Support for Radical Change: Moving Away from Traditional Budgeting – A VELUX Case Study

Traditional budgeting can be too backward-facing and it doesn’t present nearly enough information about what the company’s targets are or how it will meet them. Perhaps one solution is to replace them. Doing away with traditional budgeting is a radical step which you might imagine would face a lot of internal resistance. We spoke to Anders... Read More


10 Reasons Finance is Lagging in New Technology Applications, and How This is Hurting Your Business

A recent report by the global Association of Chartered Certified Accountants indicates that Finance leaders are still overly focused on “process” to the detriment of recognizing and leveraging the potential of new technologies. Why is Finance Not Taking Advantage of Emerging... Read More

The Future of Finance: Hardly a Human in Sight

Driven by technology as a game changer and talent as a differentiator, companies are recognizing Finance as the source of their competitive edge. “Consumers are leading the way in adopting automation solutions in their private lives. With any luck, businesses will, eventually, follow.” That is a view of Erik van der Steen a CFO specialized... Read More

7 Action Points for Finance Leaders

A recent survey of SSON’s global membership delivers the clearest picture yet of how Finance organisations – captive, outsourced and technology enabled – are redefining their role for the... Read More