18 - 20 February 2019 | London, UK

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Please download the Future of Finance 2018 Agenda and discover how to push your finance operations forward in 2018 and beyond. Over three days you will have the opportunity hear from 50+ finance industry influencers and experts, all discussing the hottest subject matters facing your finance function today. 

Interviews with Industry Leaders

Industry Insight: Burberry

We chat to Rob Blomfield about the ever-changing nature of finance functions, and why Burberry is moving its Shared Services operation


5 Reasons you cannot wait any longer to add RPA to your Finance operations

A key driver for today's Finance leaders is the need to get more out of the workforce - and the ability to empower staff through technology has never been greater. RPA is such a hit precisely because it can automate a number of process steps otherwise carried out by humans, and free up employees to concentrate on the knowledge work that provides far more value to the business units and the enterprise. To find out more about this, download this ebook.

Finance Leadership 2020: HISTORIC Data is Out, PREDICITIVE Data is In

Discover what the future holds for Finance Leadership with contributors from Jaguar Land Rover, Inmarsat, Olswang and Vodafone.

In today’s “new” world disruption is the norm: New business upstarts are, within a matter of months, creating major upheaval in industries that have remained the same for decades; robotic technology replaces human labour; and, in the midst of all these changes, CEOs are demanding forward-looking insights that help them redirect their focus on what matters most.

Download The Sample Delegate List 2018

Download the current attendee list by completing the form below, to see who you will be able to meet during your time at the Summit. Check back often as this list will continue to grow!


Finance Transformation Failure Playbook


The 15 top causes of failure within finance functions – with tips on how to get around key roadblocks from industry experts.

What’s Next in BPO?

Innovation, new technologies and value-add are the driving forces behind the global business process outsourcing industry. Against a backdrop of service process automation and data analytics taking over, Barbara Hodge, SSON’s editor, shares the top 7 BPO trends and priorities as we move into the new year.

Future of Finance Sit and Chat with Domino's Pizza

We chat to Mustafa Ozgul, CFO at Domino’s Pizza, about digital transformation and the future of finance functions. He talks about:

  • The benefits of a purely cloud-based working environment
  • Employee culture during transformation and how to maintain a forward thinking team
  • The future for those working within the finance space


RPA & AI Analysis: The Finance Function

While technology has been a driver of change in the finance industry, it has stopped short of disrupting it entirely. Aside from cryptocurrency companies – like Bitcoin – technological improvements have been incremental rather than radical. In this report we take a look at two of the major technological advances to hit Finance: Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Discover why these technologies are essential for your future finance strategies. Download the report by completing the form below.

Building New Career Paths: The Emergence of the Global Business Services Professional

While most GBS organisations covet talent management capabilities, few know how to develop, deploy and sustain them. This paper describes how world-class GBS organisations manage talent more effectively than their peers. It also outlines several steps that GBS organisations can take to begin closing the talent-management gap by focusing on building new career paths for their people. 

How an AI approach can boost your company’s performance

It used to be that to be successful in finance you just needed a good head for numbers. But just like paper gave way to spreadsheets, digital worksheets are now giving way to autonomous thinking machines that will redefine the finance department forever…

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Finance processes best suited for cognitive tools

As the finance function comes under increasing pressure to shrink costs, support growth and provide business insights, there is enormous potential for cognitive automation to support CFOs and finance directors in informing strategy and making suggestions in real-time.

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Cognitive automation driving the CFO of tomorrow

As the finance department is transformed by new technologies, Chief Financial Officers could achieve more for less, bring more transparency to their analysis, enhance productivity and maintain their competitive edge...

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The Art of Blockchain with Maersk's Head of Global Finance


  • Details how Maersk uses blockchain in its marine insurance sector. Ensuring payments and processes are secure and documented.
  • How to bring others on-board with blockchain, thus ensuring the chain will be effective.
  • Says that blockchain is “potentially being more powerful than automation and RPA”


RPA: A Finance Leader's Starter Pack

Download this free infographic to discover how RPA can revolutionise your financial processes. 

The infographic focuses on three main elements: 

  • Efficiency 
  • Automation
  • Accuracy 

The finance world is a hot industry that is constantly changing to keep up with the demands and trends expected from it. The next big step for you and your finance processes is RPA.  


Business Partnering with Maersk's Head of Finance


  • Outlines what the key aspects for a Business Partnering unit is, as well as what traits make a good potential partner.
  • Automation will free up resources for investment in business finance, like they have done at Maersk
  • Gives advice to those wanting to start their own Business Partnering unit.


Business Development Pack

Don't miss this chance to engage with progressive finance leaders who are looking to to transform their function’s output. The door has truly opened for next generation finance functions to step forward.

What’s now urgently required is a shared and informed vision of the direction finance is taking – Future of Finance 2018 is the platform to provide this to ensure your value proposition as a software provider or consultant resonates with the needs of the Finance Industry.